Jan and Karen den Haan
Nieuweweg 21a
2675 BD Honselersdijk
The Netherlands
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Pieter Veenstra

‘To rule is to forsee’ is the motto Jan and Karen den Haan follow in their search for unique pigeons tob ring a top qualiy injection in their champions colony. Long before the Dutch superstar Pieter Veenstra sold his pigeons in a record breaking auction on PIPA, Jan and Karen managed to purchase a highly exclusive group of about 60 pigeons at Pieter and Gea … not knowing than, that pigeon bred this way are now one of a kind … Present at ‘Het Rovershol’ are a/o:

- children of ‘Mister Blue’
      1. and 3. Nat. acebird WHZB
      Founding cock Pieter Veenstra
- children of ‘Golden Wing’
      Winner 8x 1. prize
- brother and sister of ‘Armani’
      7. Nat. acebird allround 2009
- children of ‘Miss Wonder’
      6. and 19. NPO winner
      Full sister to ‘Mr. Blue’
- inbred to ‘Sissy’
      1. Nat. racing hen WHZB 2009
      1. Nat. racing hen WHZB 2009
- daughter of ‘Spartacus’
      8. Nat. racing cock WHZB 2006
      Winner of 4x 1. prize

In their first years of breeding at ‘Het Rovershol’, the Veenstra pigeons directly showed great value in breeding. The direct Veenstra cock ‘Salinero’ from 2003 had than already showed his high quality genes, breeding the 1. Nat. young acebird 2008 ‘Leeuwenhart’ – that is why Jan and Karen had no single doubt their investment in Veenstra pigeons would pay out.

Next to the supreme influence of Pieter Veenstra pigeons, als pigeons of the Belgian speed monsters Heremans-Ceusters became important for Jan and Karen den Haan. Via Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp a/o the lines of ‘Den Euro’ and ‘Spinneke’ x ‘Rossi’ were brought in; through Adrie Kors a/o grandchildren of ‘Den Olympiade’ came … but also a direct child of his famous breeder ‘Euro Lady’, probably the best daughter of ‘Den Euro’ ever. And because success always comes together at Den Haan, also some pigeons of the top Den Haan base went to Adrie Kors; with a direct hen of Het Rovershol (Den Haan x Veenstra) he won a/o 1. prov. Boxtel 12,838 b. and 34. prov. Pommeroeul 18,753 b.