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Comb. Den Haan (Honselersdijk, NL); the legend continues

The Dutch super team of Jan & Karen Den Haan became a household word in International pigeon racing. The shock was therefore huge, when Jan den Haan died in March 2013. From all parts of the world sympathies came in and they strengthened Karen to continue Jan’s life work … with Karen’s so characteristic enthusiasm she had a top young bird season, winning 4x 1st prize including 1st provincial from 9,003 birds … Jan might not be amongst us anymore; the legend Den Haan continues!

A greater tribute to Jan Den Haan was not possible than the victory of the blue hen ‘Remember Me’ on a July’s day in 2013. She won the provincial Wolvertem race against 9,003 birds – the first victory of four in 2013 … and that of only 8 races. Karen den Haan proved her quality in keeping up Jan’s work and leading the supreme pigeon family to new highlights. Winning is the special trademark of the Den Haan pigeons … they have been doing it around the world for many years and in 2013 again they showed their best.

Golden pigeon colony The base for success was laid in the middle Eighties when thirty pigeons of the best Verbart lines through Krouwel-Pollmann were purchased. At that moment Jan and Karen already owned the top cock ‘Rover’, a great son to the icon ‘De 46’ of Piet Verbart, winner of 15x 1. prize and one of the most legendary sons to ‘Vechter’ x ‘Witpenneke’ of Jos de Klak. The fighter ‘Rover’ was placed in a separate section where he was paired to three hens at the same time; the Rovershol. Not much later also the hen ‘Freule’ came to Den Haan, a daughter to ‘De 46’. The absolute star of the loft is the cock ‘Provo’, bred from the legendary ‘811’ of Krouwel-Pollmann, one of the best sons to ‘De 46’ ever. Mother was a direct Janssen hen bred from ‘Blauwe van 69’ x ‘Duifke van de Schonen onder de Tafel’. A whole regiment of ‘Provo’ descendants conquered the pigeon sport.

The decades to follow, that purchase of the Verbart pigeons and the sensational ‘Provo’ dynasty really brought one big era of great successes. In young bird racing at their home base ‘Rovershol’ of course, the only discipline where Jan and Karen entered their birds. NPO victories, championships and many, many 1st prizes were won over the years … the knowledge of Jan and the charm of Karen must have been the key to successes, also abroad. Den Haan pigeons became extremely wanted when pigeon friends around the world started winning big with them. Until the day of today for example the entire young bird racing team moved to China, where some of the most important National races were won by the golden bloodlines of Jan & Karen Den Haan …

A very important quality injection was made at Pieter Veenstra, the top class dominating Dutch fancier. Long before his record breaking auction on PIPA, Jan and Karen managed to purchase a highly exclusive group of about 60 pigeons at Pieter and Gea; from champions like ‘Mister Blue’ (1. & 3. Nat. acebird WHZB & founding cock Veenstra) & ‘Golden Wing’ (8x 1. prize & top breeder) … brother and sister of ‘Armani’ (7. Nat. acebird allround 2009) … children of ‘Miss Wonder’ (6. & 19. NPO winning sister ‘Mr. Blue’) … inbred to ‘Sissy’ (1. Nat. racing hen WHZB 2009) … a daughter of ‘Spartacus’ (8. Nat. racing cock WHZB 2006) … etc.

Golden cross Veenstra x Den Haan Crossing the super strain of Den Haan to the modern top performers of Veenstra was a golden hit … Direct Veenstra cock ‘Salinero’ from 2003 had than already showed his high quality genes, breeding the 1. Nat. young acebird 2008 ‘Leeuwenhart’ – that is why Jan and Karen had no single doubt their investment in Veenstra pigeons would pay out. The provincial winner of 2013 ‘Remember Me’ is again top cross of Den Haan with Veenstra lines of ‘Darryl’ (top son ‘Kleine Dirk’).

Next to the supreme influence of Pieter Veenstra pigeons, also pigeons of the Belgian speed monsters Heremans-Ceusters became important for Jan and Karen den Haan. Via Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp a/o the lines of ‘Den Euro’ and ‘Spinneke’ x ‘Rossi’ were brought in; through Adrie Kors a/o grandchildren of ‘Den Olympiade’ came … but also direct children of his famous breeder ‘Euro Lady’, probably the best daughter of ‘Den Euro’ ever. And because success always comes together at Den Haan, also some pigeons of the top Den Haan base went to Adrie Kors; with a direct hen of Het Rovershol (Den Haan x Veenstra) he won a/o 1. prov. Boxtel 12,838 b. and 34. prov. Pommeroeul 18,753 b.

Back to the 2013 season, where Karen den Haan led her team of young racers to fantastic highs. ‘Remember Me’ won 1st prov. Wolvertem 9,003 birds … ‘Dream With Me’ & ‘Emotion’ won 2. and 5. prov. Pommeroeul 4,051 birds … The quartet ‘Only You’, ‘Always There’, ‘Golden Memory’ & ‘Pride’ won all top 50 prov. Nijvel 8,932 birds (10.-40.-44.-50.) … and ‘Touch Me’ won 1. prize Peronne from 744 birds. Cherry on the pie was for sure Adri VD Bijl winning 1. Nat. Narbonne ZLU 2013 with ‘Lex’, g.daughter to 3x 1. prize winning hen ‘Snelle 66’ (mother 3 different NPO top 10 winners) who is a 100% Den Haan pigeon.

Karen Den Haan keeps the status of the world famous Den Haan pigeons alive … without the love of her life, who is guarding her from heaven. This thought gives Karen the strength to keep up the good work; breeding new champions for Rovershol and for fanciers all over the world!

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Jan den Haan

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Karen den Haan